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Y for Youtube

This post is part of my April’s A to Z challenge. Today’s letter is Y.


I was brave enough to challenge my readers to give me a letter-assignment, and Dirk challenged me with “Y for Youtube”.

ninja girl

Thank you, Dirk!

The second last letter of the alphabet is finally an easy one. From the moment Dirk “handed” me the letter Y + assignment, I knew my post.

Let me stop the writing and let Norah do the singing, together with Elmo and their friend Y in “Don’t know Y”.


Freedom: from Marcus Garvey to Jack Sparrow, from Chocolate Milk to Narnia and back

My mom challenged me with the letter F in this A to Z challenge. The F for Freedom.


My mom knows me well. She knows I must have many ideas and thoughts on the concept Freedom. She kind of unleashed a stream of thoughts that is so big and thick it can hardly put into words in a single post. I decided to make a picture collage (+ one  commercial from the 80’s) of what Freedom means to me. Disclaimer: it’s just a glimpse of my mind. And my mind only. Freedom of Thought. Freedom of Expression.


Inline image 3


Inline image 1 Inline image 2

Inline image 4


What does Freedom mean to you?

Statia in Shape (or pro #5 of living on Statia)

Last month I decided to make a list of 25 advantages or pros of living on Statia. You already know how to become a frequent flyer, how to tape your scooter, how and where to swim and how to become a wedding witness. I’ll show you Pro #5 of living in Statia on this short YouTube commercial by the Statia Starz.

Statia is a 21km2 island with around 4,000 inhabitants. Not all 4,000 are in excellent physical condition 😀 Some say there is nothing to do on the island, but after watching this video, you know that’s just excuses excuses excuses. Get STATIA IN SHAPE!


More pros of living on Statia:

How to become a Frequent Flyer (or pro #1 of living on Statia)

How to tape your scooter (or pro #2 of living on Statia)

How and where to swim (or pro #3 of living on Statia)

Wedding Witness (or pro #4 of living on Statia)

Nevis Agricultural Fair (or pro #6 of living on Statia)

Vogelfestival * Bird Festival (or pro #7 of living on Statia)

3 songs for rocking on your run and running on a rock (and 1 for cooling down)

As a continuation of Rock ‘n’ Run, here are three more songs that helped me through my Friday afternoon run. Plus one to cool down.

running shoes

#1 is a Dutch song by Acda & De Munnik. Usually I’m not a big fan of Dutch music, but this song has a great story about a guy named Herman who reads in the newspaper that he died in a car crash. In fact he just sold a his car and the new car-owner died, but nobody knows. He decides that this is the end of his boring life and will make all his childhood dreams come true. He has gotten a chance to start all over as a new person. “And it is raining as always, but it raining it’s raining sunshine”. A great song for  making plans while running.

#2 is an oldy (as most of my favorites), a great song for when you are in the “I’m on Top of the World”-mood. Sing it, Gloria!

#3 is to get all the energy out. Just shake all you got and go crazy!

And last but not least a cooling down song, irie & mellow:

Rock ‘n’ Run!

A Death by Skin Cancer? The Bob Marley Story

Repeating Islands

Dr Cleland Gooding MD., F.A.A.D., a physician with a specialty in Skin Diseases employed by the Bahamas Government, has penned this intriguing article about Bob Marley’s failed treatment for skin cancer, which eventually progressed to the brain cancer responsible for his death at 36. Here are excerpts, with a link to the original article below.

Bob Marley the charismatic beloved Jamaican singer, who introduced reggae infused with Rastafarian themes died from a cancerous brain Tumor on May 11, 1981 in Miami. Florida. He was only 36 years old.

It’s been 30 years since his death; and there have many rumours and speculation about the cause of death. Did he really die from a brain tumor? Or other nefarious causes? Like the CIA? Poison in his boots etc? Bob Marley’s medical records were never made public. However from several sources I managed to piece together the story of his illness and…

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Dr. Beat

“Doctor, I’ve got this feeling, deep inside of me, deep inside of me”. The Miami Sound Machine is stuck in my brain since a few days: “Doc doc doc doc doctor Beat, won’t you help me dr. Beat!” gloria

Since a week, maybe more, this heart of mine is dancing every now and then. After some feeling & listening by the doctor -not Beat- and some blood tests, today I’m walking around with my own little ‘walkman’.

Yay! Back to the 80s!walkman

But Seriously… Phil

They gave me a 24-hour holter to monitor my dr~dr~dr~dr~Beat! And some blood thinner to prevent blood clots in interesting places like my brain, because that is not want we want, do we?

the beat

Now this is scary! Not the tape and the walkman. The fact that something as obvious as a heart beat starts to have its own life. Hellooooooooo, I’m 39!! – and look like 26 😀 I still need to go at least 61 years!

But what can I do? Wait for the results and hope for the best. Let’s hope I won’t need the night nurse. In the meantime: Let’s dance!  In the dark! On the ceiling!

Not dancing yet???

Oh, and if you’re a fan of my heartbeat, check out how I did not have a heart attack.

Rock ‘n’ Run (my 3 favorite running songs & 1 to avoid)

At least twice a week I like to “run around the rock“.
Here’s my favorite tracks that keep me going.

#1 (for a feel-good warming up): Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison

#2 (for the unstoppable-ness): Don’t stop me now by Queen

#3 (for the last struggle uphill): Ain’t gonna see us fall by Sizzla

And 1 to avoid at all times, although I love Adèle: Chasing pavements by Adèle

“Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements, even though it leads nowhere…”

Rock ‘n’ Run!