September Strakke Buik Challenge, or I want a belly like Pink

I decided to take part in the “September Strakke Buik Challenge“. The challenge is in Dutch, but it’s very simple even if you’re not Dutch 😉 Every day in the month of September Jacqueline van Dijk, personal trainer, is giving another exercise for a flat belly or ‘strakke buik’.

I’ll post a daily picture of the challenge for the whole month. Because I started today, on September 2nd, I’ll do 2-in-1 today. Wish me luck and a ‘strakke buik’! My goal: a belly like Pink. So I might have to extend the challenge to September 30 of the year 2054.

belly pink

Let’s go…

September 9, 2014: extra challenge

The dogs were giving me a hard time today. How to stay focused?

dog challenge

September 8, 2014: another 23 days…


September 7, 2014: knees & elbows


September 6, 2014: Tabata


September 5, 2014: feet up in the air


September 4, 2014: planking


September 3, 2014: core exercise

Do you know how hard it is to take a selfie in this pose? It reminded me of a picture I once took of my daughter Makeda in superman outfit, so I just post that instead.


September 2, 2014: only another 29 days…

The challenge for today was to run up and down the stairs 15 times, If you don’t have stairs, half an hour powerwalking is the alternative. I chose to speed it up a little more and do a 7k run. It took me 51 minutes. Not that fast, but hey, I live in the Caribbean.

running shoes

September 1, 2014: let’s start!



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