How to become a frequent flyer (or pro #1 of living on Statia)


After flying up & down to St. Maarten twice in the last month (the first time to do an exam, the second time because I was not having a heart attack), I decided to make a list of 25 advantages or pros of living on Statia. Where? Statia, or St. Eustatius, also known as the Golden Rock. Caribbean Netherlands. Confused?

Statia is a 21km2 island with around 4,000 inhabitants, five schools, one small airport, some bars, a bunch of churches, too many roaming animals and one medical center. Reason enough for all Statians to be Frequent Flyers.

To visit a medical specialist (cardiologist, optician, orthodontist, pneumosomethingologist, you name it) you have to fly off-island 😀 For many cases you will be sent to the Dutch side of St. Maarten. If you’re lucky enough you have a free trip to Colombia or sometimes Guadeloupe. Forget about the fact that you have to leave family, friends, pets and work behind. Your hotel room is ready for you, your bed is made, you don’t need to clean, cook or work. Finally some privacy on a different Caribbean island. Forget about the fact that you have to stay in your hotel day in, day out to wait for the hospital personnel to finally call you for an appointment. Who needs to get out of a hotel anyway? Why go shopping or explore the place? You are on a Caribbean island!

I recently experienced this when I did not have a heart attack, but still had to check with the cardiologist on St. Maarten. Unfortunately I could stay on St. Maarten for only 1 night. The hotel that was booked for me and a good amount of fellow medical Frequent Flyers from Statia, was just lovely: the Paradise Inn.

Paradise Inn



But for true, for a small island girl like me the location of the hotel is paradise.  KFC, Burger King, McDonald and even a proper restaurant with grilled mahi mahi and red wine are on walking distance. Not to mention the Grand Marché and Cost-U-Less. Paradise for Statians!




Apart from the doctor’s visit, there are always tons of other reasons to fly off-island: big feet (no shoes my size for sale on Statia), schools/exams, the lack of a notary, jail…

And the greatest thing of it all: we all really support WinAir! Because St. Maarten is our only direct destination and WinAir is King, we just love to pay the highest price for a ticket. We love WinAir! We love being Frequent Flyers!


I love living in the Caribbean!!


Other pros of living on Statia:

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