100 happy days

I do have time for happiness!

Day 100 [05.11.2014] Happiness is… a LOVE egg!


Day 99 [05.10.2014] Happiness is… a tree full of shimaruku



Day 98 [05.09.2014] Happiness is… a Friday afternoon beer

Day 97 [05.08.2014] Happiness is… Makeda making progress with guitar. Although on this picture she doesn’t look to happy. “You’re not counting!”


Day 96 [05.07.2014] Happiness is… a postcard from Holland

duck postcard

Day 95 [05.06.2014] Happiness is… having Mr. Anansi at school


Day 94 [05.05.2014] Happiness is… seeing this prize-winning picture of Makeda from last year back in the newspaper today:

Lizard Love
Lizard Love

Day 93 [05.04.2014] Happiness is… reading my grandmother’s story about World War II, written by my sister Femke (although the story itself is not so happy)


Day 92 [05.03.2014] Happiness is… more new stuff for the house


Day 91 [05.02.2014] Happiness is… enjoying our very special island
StatiaDay 90 [05.01.2014] Happiness is… new curtains (thanks Brenda!)


Day 89 [04.30.2014] Happiness is… finishing with the April A to Z challenge on April 30 (although I did some foul play)


Day 88 [04.29.2014] Happiness is… helping a storyteller and a documentary maker around the island


Day 87 [04.28.2014] Happiness is… birdwatching at the Bird Festival


Day 86 [04.27.2014] Happiness is… coconuts unlimited


Day 85 [04.26.2014] Happiness is… relaxing


Day 84 [04.25.2014] Happiness is… Koningsspelen. 


Day 83 [04.24.2014] Happiness is… more nature, environment & science talk during the opening of the Caribbean Netherlands Science Institute on St. Eustatius


Day 82 [04.23.2014] Happiness is… chatting about the economic value of the environment


Day 81 [04.22.2014] Happiness is… an easy day after the party

take it easy

Day 80 [04.21.2014] Happiness is… party en masse on the beach


Day 79 [04.20.2014] Happiness is… an easter egg-hunt


Day 78 [04.19.2014] Happiness is… to paint it purple.


Day 77 [04.18.2014] Happiness is…. (sometimes) cleaning up. This is BEFORE moving:


Day 76 [04.17.2014] Happiness is… a four day Easter weekend


Day 75 [04.16.2014] Happiness is… making plans for St. Croix


Day 74 [04.15.2014] Happiness is… just the thought of very old Dutch cheese

oude kaas

Day 73 [04.14.2014] Happiness is… food from own garden


Day 72 [04.13.2014] Happiness is… watching a good old classic movie


Day 71 [04.12.2014] Happiness is… a house with a never-ending garden and fruittrees



Day 70 [04.11.2014] Happiness is… hatching!


Day 69 [04.10.2014] Happiness is… when it’s almost weekend

almost weekend

Day 68 [04.09.2014] Happiness is… feeling the effects of a little workout


Day 67 [04.08.2014] Happiness is… an empty garbage bin


Day 66 [04.07.2014] Happiness is… singing on top of your lungs

Day 65 [04.06.2014] Happiness is… my hippy


Day 64 [04.05.2014] Happiness is… booking a ticket 😀


Day 63 [04.04.2014] Happiness is… knowing that I’ll have a good place to stay after May 1st. This is the “before”. “After” pictures soon come.


Day 62 [04.03.2014] Happiness is… a happy sister


Day 61 [04.02.2014] Happiness is… a serenade especially for me, “the best mother in her life” 😀


Day 60 [04.01.2014] Happiness is… having a great nephew and great parents that have this send to Statia:





Day 59 [03.31.2014] Happiness is… a sunset

Day 58 [03.30.2014] Happiness is… preparing my B-story for April 2nd

on top of the world

Day 57 [03.29.2014] Happiness is… a hearty breakfast

hearty breakfast

Day 56 [03.28.2014] Happiness is… the kids and parents raising & spending money at the fundraising for the Golden Rock school


Day 55 [03.27.2014] Happiness is… spending a day in Nevis & visiting the agricultural fair


Day 54 [03.26.2014] Happiness is… getting rid of 56.445.873 bees.

Maya de Bij

Day 53 [03.25.2014] Happiness is… seeing the entrance of the turtle nesting beach finally being blocked for vehicles.

Day 52 [03.24.2014] Happiness is… hearing that you can visit another Caribbean island for a day, for work. Nevis, here I come!

Nevis map

Day 51 [03.23.2014] Happiness is… feeling a minor earthquake, with the emphasis on MINOR. This is what it felt like:

elefant foot

Day 50 [03.22.2014] Happiness is… reaching the top op Boven with the two toughest hikers.

two tough hikers

Day 49 [03.21.2014] Happiness is… another friend being fostered, maybe adopted. Yay for Husky!


Day 48 [03.20.2014] Happiness is… being nominated for a blogging award


Day 47 [ 03.19.2014] Happiness is… rainbows


Day 46 [03.18.2014] Happiness is… spicy fish

spicy fish

Day 45 [03.17.2014] Happiness is… going to Mega D Youth Foundation with the Leatherbacks and make our own song


Day 44 [03.16.2014] Happiness is… sleeping under the stars

under the stars

Day 43 [03.15.2014] Happiness is… flying under water


Day 42 [03.14.2014] Happiness is… finally receiving your new study material, after the package got lost twice. Somewhere in the Caribbean…


Day 41 [03.13.2014] Happiness is… a road that is fixed (and if your road is NOT fixed, learn here How to tape your scooter)

The road and the scooter

Day 40 [03.12.2014] Happiness is… making up stories


Day 39 [03.11.2014] Happiness is… a palmtree & a sunset


Day 38 [03.10.2014] Happiness is… receiving a great gift from “the Old Tiger”

oude tijger

Holiday!!Madonna Holiday

Day 37 [03.09.2014] Happiness is… more bananas in  the making


Day 36 [03.08.2014] Happiness is… omi omi can go home! No more hospital!!

omi omi naar huis

Day 35 [03.07.2014] Happiness is… my superhero


Day 34 [03.06.2014] Happiness is… coming home early


Day 33 [03.05.2014] Happiness is… finding a great story


Day 32 [03.04.2014] Happiness is… seeing a whale from Little Mountain (more on The Golden Rock Adventurers and the Beautiful Secret of Little Mountain)


Day 31 [03.03.2014] Happiness is… a little run


Day 30 [03.02.2014] Happiness is… a birthday party! Even if it’s on the other side of the world. My sister’s “small” boy Jesse is making birthday (as they say here). Happy day, Jesse!


Day 29 [03.01.2014] Happiness is… to take a hike.


Day 28 [02.28.2014] Happiness is… our doggies! Here they just brought an offer (yep, dead rat) to the palace of Princess Makeda.


Day 27 [02.27.2014] Happiness is… when a dog from the animal shelter finds a good home. Party for Brindle!


Day 28 [02.26.2014] Happiness is… a canonball contest!

Day 27 [02.25.2014] Happiness is… a special picture for a special person. Only for insiders 😀


Day 26 [02.24.2014] Happiness is… being proud

Day 25 [02.23.2014] Happiness is… someone else doing the stupid work


Day 24 [02.22.2014] Happiness is… going to local chinese shop & finding the Grace porridge that you loved to eat in Jamaica. Somehow it tasted better 8 years ago though. Also the price is a little disappointing. But no complaining 🙂


Day 23 [02.21.2014] Happiness is… an interesting tour


Day 22 [02.20.2014] Happiness is… a good sleep

Snoopy sleep

Day 21 [02.19.2014] Happiness is… home sweet home after an interesting 2 days in St. Maarten.


Day 20 [02.18.2014] Happiness… hearing that your freaky heartbeats are innocentFreaky heartbeats are friends! Thank God! For the full version of my hearty adventures, check my posts “Not a heart attack” part 1, part 2 and part 3.

brief cardioloog

Day 19 [02.17.2014] Happiness is… a happy mom! This picture is taken by my mom today; she’s happy to see snowdrops in her garden. It’s a symbol of new beginning and hope.


Day 18 [02.16.2014] Happiness is… a big cleaning session at the animal shelter. Love to help my friends with paws.


Day 17 [02.15.2014] Happiness is… good food

good food

Day 16 [02.14.2014] Happiness is… someone saying I LOVE YOU!

I love you

Day 15 [02.13.2014] Happiness is… a good book with a lot of blood & murder


Day 14 [02.12.2014] Happiness is… after a long morning at the doctor’s office and a long afternoon at work finally relaxing at the pool side. Kids are playing after practice, birds are singing and I just look at the Quill and DO NOTHING


Day 13 [02.11.2014] Happiness is… the sound of crickets (they are usually in the dark)

Day 12 [02.10.2014] Happiness is… joining the Statia Walkathon


Day 11 [02.09.2014] Happiness is… homemade cupcake


Day 10 [02.08.2014] Happiness is… a beach


Day 9 [02.07.2014] Happiness is… a doggywash


Day 8 [02.06.2014] Happiness is… being the coach the Goldenrock Leatherbacks swim team. Already looking forward to new adventures with “my” kids & another sweet international competition in 2014.

swim team

Day 7 [02.05.2014] Happiness is… being a witness at a wedding in the beautiful Fort Oranje. Just because I work here (this is the view from my office!) and a witness was needed in this historical setting. That’s what you call working in the right place at the right time.

The bride and groome are missing on the picture, I had no camera with me. This picture is taken a few months back. Weddingpictures coming soon though.

Fort Oranje

Note the detail in this picture: the gentleman under the mangotree is just throwing a stone to the noisy parrot in the palmtree -camouflaged well on the left side of the tree (zoooom in please) 😀

throw stone                  parrot

Day 6 [02.04.2014] Happiness is… when you’re done with your first exam


Day 5 [02.03.2014] Happiness is… having the beat

the beat

Day 4 [02.02.2014] Happiness is… a hug!

dog hug

Day 3 [02.01.2014] Happiness is… seeing your princess making her first bubbles under water


Day 2 [01.31.2014] Happiness is… finding your dogs smelling fresh & bubbling after eating a bar of soap. Happiness is also crying tears of laughter, remembering how your sister once ate a bar of soap thinking it was sugar candy 😀 Yes, alcohol was involved.

happy soap

Day 1 [01.30.2014] Happiness is… arriving at work and finding fresh mangoes on your desk


19 thoughts on “100 happy days”

  1. Masha danki, lieve Fraukje voor je Happy Days nr. 19. SAMEN vertrouwen en SAMEN hopen is NIET één plus één . . . . . . . . maar is van een ONEINDIGE kracht . . . . . . .

  2. Hij is even… misplaced zeg maar. Even zo goed opgeborgen dat ze niet 123 kon vinden waar hij was. Komt wel weer tevoorschijn. Mevrouw is ook zo opgeruimd…

  3. A postcard from Holland ??????????????????? en ja . . . .WAT voor één !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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