Mr. Anansi in St. Eustatius

Wijnand “Mr. Anansi” Stomp is visiting our little island in search for stories. Personal stories about the past and slavery. Together with his team (documentary maker Jean Hellwig and camera man Ewoud Bon) he visited first Ghana in Africa and Zeeland in the Netherlands; to complete the triangle they’re now filming on St. Eustatius, the Golden Rock.

Between interviews and filming sessions the gentlemen took the time to visit the Golden Rock school for a performance. Mister Anansi telling the story how to outsmart Mr. Tiger and the other animals. As most Caribbean people, the kids loved Anansi. What a great way to keep a real African/Caribbean tradition alive. Thanks Mr. Anansi, come back soon!

Anansi 1

Anansi 2

Anansi 3

Anansi 4

Anansi 5

Anansi 6

Anansi 7

Anansi 8

2 thoughts on “Mr. Anansi in St. Eustatius”

  1. Dank voor het mogen meekijken bij Mr. Anansi, en dank Fraukje voor je mooie verhaal . . . . .

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