3 songs for rocking on your run and running on a rock (and 1 for cooling down)

As a continuation of Rock ‘n’ Run, here are three more songs that helped me through my Friday afternoon run. Plus one to cool down.

running shoes

#1 is a Dutch song by Acda & De Munnik. Usually I’m not a big fan of Dutch music, but this song has a great story about a guy named Herman who reads in the newspaper that he died in a car crash. In fact he just sold a his car and the new car-owner died, but nobody knows. He decides that this is the end of his boring life and will make all his childhood dreams come true. He has gotten a chance to start all over as a new person. “And it is raining as always, but it raining it’s raining sunshine”. A great song for  making plans while running.

#2 is an oldy (as most of my favorites), a great song for when you are in the “I’m on Top of the World”-mood. Sing it, Gloria!

#3 is to get all the energy out. Just shake all you got and go crazy!

And last but not least a cooling down song, irie & mellow:

Rock ‘n’ Run!


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