Boven. Another Adventure of the Golden Rock Adventurers.


It was very early, but already hot on the island of Golden Rock. That Saturday morning, not long since the Golden Rock Adventurers came back from their quest for the Beautiful Secret of Little Mountain, there was not a cloud in the sky. Only the moon was looking down mysteriously.



The Adventurers decided this was the day . They were going to reach the top of Boven, where no man has gone before. In their previous adventures they already learned the secret language of the island, so they knew Boven meant Upstairs or Above. In any way, Boven was high up!


So off they went. After the first narrow passage…

narrow passage

… they followed the curly flowers…

curly flowers


… until they found the Tree Witch hidden under the roots of the giant 150 year old tree.



The Tree Witch told them to follow the burning leaves untill they reached the never-ending water. The burning leaves were easy to find.

burning leave

burning leaves

And after a few hours they reached the never-ending water.



to the sea

But something strange had definitely happened here. It looked as if a pirate ship had stranded here!


The drunk captain even left his shoes.


On the beach lay on old treasure chest.


No luck! It was empty.

empty treasure chest

The Adventurers just wanted to take a break to build some fortune castles…

building stones

…when they heard something in the woods.

in the woods

A lovely little goat was being hunted by…

scared goat

…a giant goat-eating plant!!


And before they knew what happened, the ground shook and broke.


They noticed dinosaur eggs…

dinosaur egg

… footprints of a Something…


… and bones of a dead Something!

wooden bone

They ran to the lake…


… where a friendly fairy showed them the way UP.



They finally started heading up the mountain and left the Something behind.

going up

rock with a view

But to be on the safe side, they pushed a big boulder down.

push a boulder

They were fearless.


They passed a field of dry grass. At least that’s what they thought.


In fact, it was a field of hair!

hairy grass


And that hairy field was the perfect cover for… the African Lioness!




They’d better run!


runBut which way?

which way

Luckily they had a compass…


… that pointed them to the rocks.


Higher and higher.


They climbed and climbed.


That way!that way

They just took a little break when they saw… killer wasps!!

killer wasps

They had to hide in a cave until they were gone.


This is what happened to the last person -a sunburned tourist- that got stung 70 years ago:

tourist tee

Sometimes (but only for a short while) the challenges were a bit demotivating.


But only 10 minutes later they reached Where No Man Has Gone Before:

almost there



They were rewarded with stunning views.

beautiful view

stunning view

After 7 hours of pure adventure, the Golden Rock Adventurers made it!

we made it


On top of the world!!

on top of the world




6 thoughts on “Boven. Another Adventure of the Golden Rock Adventurers.”

  1. WOW What an adventurous story. Loved the “pushing the big rock” and the field of hair. Great photos – thanks for the smiles and oohs and aahs

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