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From the Golden Rock to Dushi Korsou

It has been a while since my last post. Many things happened. I’ve traveled to St. Croix with the Goldenrock Leatherbacks swim team, to Costa Rica and Panama with my daughter and to Saba with my family. In the meantime I decided to leave St Eustatius, the Golden Rock, after two years, one month and three weeks and go back to Curaçao where I was living before July 2012. Curaçao, or Korsou in the local language Papiamentu, where everything is ‘dushi’ (sweet), is another part of the Dutch Kingdom in the Caribbean. Yes, it’s confusing. Soon I will be working again in the dive center of Go West in Westpunt.

It’s quite a hassle to arrange flights for not only me and my daughter, but also for my three dogs Nelson, Onai and Rosa. Plus some excess luggage of course.



The move back to Curacao also means that I will rename the blog from “Life on the Golden Rock”, to “Life on a rock”. And that I will do my best to post more often again. Promise.



What cleaning up can do


As some of you know, my April A to Z challenge is off schedule due to moving.

houseSo the letter W in the A to Z challenge is for What cleaning up can do in a house. We’re not completely finished yet, but we’re getting there. Some before & after pictures 😀

The kitchen before….

IMG_0125… and after:

IMG_0273The living room before….

IMG_0127…. and after:

IMG_0276Bedroom #1 before….

IMG_0131… and after:

IMG_0269Bedroom #2 before…

IMG_0119… and after:

IMG_0280What do you think?