Today was cookie and flower day!

Some called it insanity day or cookie madness. But whatever you called it, on cookie and flower day the sun was always shining a bit brighter and the air seemed light and playful.

Today the village square smelled like vanilla and cinnamon. Three cases of big, perfectly round cookies were piled on Gaia’s table. Right next to it a basket filled with fresh fruit and bouquets of hibiscus, white lilies and Bougainvillea in all colours of the rainbow. Under the table pots of aloe vera (for a good skin) and a chocolate-brown labrador receiver. Today would be a good day.

When Gaia first came to the village, four years ago, people were afraid of her. They called her insane. A mad woman. Nobody knew where she came from and nobody knew her real age, but Gaia acted as if she were a 10-year-old girl. When she was in the park, she acted like a puppy and played with her labrador Chocolate until they fell asleep in the grass. She was talking to herself and played with stuffed animals. She loved nothing more than baking and eating cookies, and sometimes the neighbors heard her sing out loud in the middle of the night when she was trying a new recipe. Her skirts were purple and orange. Nothing like the other women on this traditional Greek island.

Not long after she settled in the village, Gaia started selling her cookies and flowers and fruit from her garden. She set up a table in the middle of the village square, with a simple red tablecloth. Not on the regular market day, but any day when she felt like it. It could be 6 in the morning, it could be 8 at night. With Gaia, you were never sure what happened.

In the beginning the people were a bit sceptical about her spontaneous sales techniques. But Gaia didn’t seem to mind whether the people bought her cookies or not. She just sang en laughed and played with Chocolate.

The smells of cinnamon, chocolate or vanilla were stronger than the people’s distrust. The colors of the flowers were flirting with the people’s fear. The old man Drakos was the first one to buy a cookie. He started to dance. Soon after that, everyone wanted a taste from the crazy lady’s cookies. It brought a smile to everyone’s face. The people’s hearts felt lighter when she sang the sweetest songs or frolicked with Chocolate.

The lady is insane, but so what? It’s cookie and flower day!!


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