Emergency on planet E

All I have to do is write a post, it’s easy

Blog about something concerning letter E

Can’t be that complicated, don’t you think

Desire, Computers, Boven, Adventure, I did it without a blink

Freedom, Sister, even Xenophobia coming your way

Gimme Good Advice already being prepared for Monday

Having fun with this challenge from A to Z

I can’t think of anything with letter E

Just that my brain is so full with… stuff

Kicking around in my head and playing tough

Last week my relationship came to an end

Me, myself and I can’t afford the rent

New house was quickly found, even though it’s a mess

Oh thank you Lord, I know I’m blessed

Planning the future is what I try to do

Questioning myself, I feel like a fool

Running around restlessly up and down

Should I get out of this orange town

Time is ticking , I want to do so much

Urgently I need a to get away

Vacation Costa Rica is booked as off today

Waterfalls and rainforests are calling my name

Xenophobia or Xenophilia, it’s all the same

You see, things are happening but not with an E

Zorry, I’m so terrible zorree!


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