C for Computers are very smart



I was so silly to challenge my readers to give me a letter-assignment for the A to Z challenge, and my very own 8-year old daughter Makeda challenged me with this terrible “C for Computers are very smart”.

ninja girl

So. Dear Makeda,

Yes, computers are very smart indeed. Many times I’m convinced that computers are much much smarter then me. They can calculate 563.009.827.881 devided by 739 in less than a second. They can tell me that I spelled ‘devided’ wrong, it must be divided with 2 i’s. They can show you movies of Geronimo Stilton in Romanian and Russian, they can even speak, fly airplanes, walk your dog and unscrupulously drive you insane.

I heard the term Artificial Intelligence for the first time when I was in secondary school trying to decide what to study. While I was thinking about studying languages or even about becoming a veterinarian, some of my friends were talking about studying Artificial Intelligence. In normal language that means that they wanted to study how you can make computers smart. Supersmart. So smart that they would “think” like a human. To me, that sounded like a pact with Skinny Green People With Oblong Heads And Long Fingers.

alien  alien  alien  alien  alien  alien

It kind of scared me.

Now I’m a little bit older (but not Really Old) I realize that computers can’t really think like humans, but that humans can program computers in such a way that it looks like computers think by themselves. I can’t really explain it, because I ended up studying Italian language, but it has everything to do with complicated mathematics. I also learned, from a Really Old and intelligent guy named Socrates, that the more you learn, the more you know how much you don’t know. So what it all boils down to:

  1. Computers are programmed very smartly, so it looks like they’re very smart.
  2. Computers have nothing to do with Skinny Green People With Oblong Heads And Long Fingers.
  3. Computer programmers learned more about computers than me, which also means they know more how much they don’t know about computers. Right?

Dear Makeda, I hope you learned something from my post, even though it’s not about computers. If you really want to know more about the smartness of computers, you’ll have to look it up on the computer. It’s out of my league, dushi*.

Note for the Artificial Intelligence students: I would like to save the sense of smell on my computer (mango, cinnamon, woodfire). Could you speed up that process please? Thanx.

* dushi = sweetheart/sweet (papiamentu)


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