Adventure for sale


This is my first post in April’s A to Z challenge. Today’s letter is obviously A. Have a blast.


Stanley was sitting in front of the TV, as always, with the Daily Telegraph on his lap. He stared in the void. Marta was babbling along about the chocolate cake, the apple crumble pie and the Baileys she bought for Saturday.

“Hm Hm”.

Saturday would be his birthday. Again. His 40th already. What actually happened since he was 26? Last thing he remembered of his ‘real’ life as he called it, he was dancing all night long with long-legged ladies without a name, drinking more Mojito’s than he could count and skinny dipping under the stars. Until he met Marta with her dark eyes and olive skin. She made him think he fell in love, and before he knew what happened he was sitting in front of the TV with a Daily Telegraph on his lap. He knew it wasn’t fair to blame Marta.


The party would be a blast, Marta said. Don and Dana would be here, and Richard and Ana. They met Don and Dana 11 years ago in the sauna they used to go to in the first year after their honeymoon. Ana was Marta’s older sister, and Richard, well Richard was one of those guys that were more socially engaged to computers than to human beings. The party would be a blast.


Marta carefully placed the forks and napkins on the table. “Richard darling, could you call Stanley for me? Ana and I are ready to cut the cake. I think he’s hanging out in the garden with Don, having their secret cigarette”.

Ten minutes later Richard and Don cheerfully came back into the kitchen. “You were right about that secret cigarette, Marta”, Richard said, “but I only busted Don here. Stanley must have been gone for a new pack of Lucky Strike, because his car is gone too.”

Marta frowned. She really had to talk to Stanley about that bad habit. And now he is letting the guests wait. “Let’s have a drink while we wait”, she managed to smile.

It was three days later when Stanley’s Toyota Corolla was found in the long-term parking area of Heathrow. The doors were unlocked. Under an empty package of Lucky Strike a Daily Telegraph lay opened on the ads page. Only one line was circled:

Adventure for sale. +354 511 6397


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