Charlie always lost track of time when she wandered on the long, deserted beach of her hometown. Since she lost her job and showed her adulterous boyfriend the door, she had more than enough time to wonder on the beach and fantasize. Two days ago, on Valentine’s day, she threw a message-in-a-bottle in the sea.

SOS. In desperate need of unconditional love. Charlie.

Wouldn’t it be funny if some fishermen in Thailand would find her message? She chuckled. 

But exactly where she threw the bottle in the sea two days ago, she saw the same bottle washed upon the shore. Hm. OK. Let’s throw it back in the sea one more time, a little further now. But when she picked up the bottle she noticed that the color of the paper was different. She had written her message on a bright pink paper, while this one here was yellow. The bottle was the same though. The cheapest Merlot from the  Chinese store. 

She opened the bottle with a weird feeling in her belly. She felt nauseous. She read:

Charlie, unconditional love is growing inside of you. With love from Thailand.

At that moment Charlie realized she missed her period for 2 months.



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