Letter to His Majesty King Willem Alexander

Dear Majesty King Willem Alexander,

I was wondering if you read my letter. You got it on November 15 when you visited Statia.

My name is Makeda, it was written on the front of the letter. My whole class wrote a letter, but I wrote a letter to ask you if you want to adopt a dog from the animal shelter. We have 9 dogs at the shelter. 2 Blondies, one is a girl and one is a boy. The boy is scared and the girl is tough. Brindo is just like a tiger, but then grey. Huskey is very fluffy and has a big cut on the top of his neck. Dolly is white and black like a dalmatian. She has a lot of energy. Molly is very nice and she’s a pitbull. Cinnamon and Ginger are twins and they are very different, but you can’t see it. Sandy is a cute little puppy. She is 0 years old. She just opened her eyes and walked. You can see pictures on my mom’s blog.

Would you please like to adopt a dog and ask Holland if they want to adopt a dog? I wrote my moms phone number in the letter, but she has a new phone number. If you want to contact her, you can reply to the blog.

We wish good luck for the royal family.


St. Eustatius


2 thoughts on “Letter to His Majesty King Willem Alexander”

  1. Als de koning de brief nu maar leest . . . . . . Misschien kan mama de brief naar de koning in z’n ‘paleis’ 🙂 opsturen Mokkie . . . . . . . Je bent een schat dat je zo van al die verschopte lieve hondjes houdt en goed voor ze zorgt samen met mama.

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