homE *writing challenge*

It was the first time in months I walked Rosa. She had had a nasty pitbull-bite in her neck and finally the wound was healed well enough to put her collar back on and take her for a short walk outside. I had to take it really easy on her, because her scarred neck was still very sensitive. So I just followed the dog where ever she wanted to go.

We went uphill. I knew nothing was there, except for the neighbor’s cottage. A trail used to lead you straight up to the volcano, but it was completely overgrown with Acacia these days. But Rosa wants to go uphill, so we go uphill.

The neighbor, whose name was Bür (something Scandinavian, maybe Dutch), was living about 100 meters from my house.  A quiet guy with a bike, always friendly. I noticed he was not at home because the bike wasn’t parked in the usual space. I did notice the broken fence.

It looked as if a small bulldozer had just run over the fence. In the grass were tracks. At first I thought they were tire tracks – of the bulldozer? But coming closer I realized they were not machine made; they looked more like enormous turtle tracks. Should I go inside and check it out? A heavy rumble, like a miniature earth quake, made me go for the garage door. Rosa pulled on her leash and managed to break free. She ran straight back home.

The door to the garage was open. Even before stepping inside I knew what I would find. The disk was glowing and humming. My Mercurian friends were ready to go. I was right in time. Finally going home.


This short story was written for the “What if…” writing challenge by Okaywhatif.  The challenge was What if you discovered a space-ship in your neighbor’s garageAny resemblance to actual dogs, neighbors and houses is entirely coincidental. The only part non-fictitious is the space-ship. Don’t believe me? See you in space.


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